Rainy Day Activities

We all know how hard it can be to keep your little ones entertained on a rainy day. Here are some of our activities we like to do.

Embrace the rain

If your children are anything like mine they will love to put some boots on and go into the rain for a walk or put the wet suits on and jump in the puddles.

Popup tent

When will this rain end? Jax loves our beach popup tent and he often gets it out for him and Oliver to put their toys in and play. Jax is teaching Oliver to role play with the toys and Oliver is learning quickly. I do love to see them play nicely together but never last long.

Bake cakes

Kids love to bake and get involved with cooking. Today we are making cupcakes.

I haven’t yet mastered doing this with both boys yet and they tend to argue and everything ends up flying and going everywhere. So today was Jaxson’s turn whilst Oliver slept. I weight all the ingredients out first otherwise Jax will get impatient waiting for me to do it as we go along. He just likes to put everything in the bowl and watch it mix together and of course like the spoons.

Oliver did wake up just in time to decorate them, well in his case just eat them.

Old Camera

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We tend to keep our old gadgets we no longer use and when Jax and Oli found our old cameras they learnt very quickly how to use them. I love looking at the pictures they capture after they have had them for the day.

Oliver’s pictures mostly consist of feet and selfies with the odd surprisingly good one. Where as Jaxson tends to capture us all in our moments of the day which is nice to see with also the odd toy pictures and selfies.

Puddle Jumping

Muddy Puddles

Be brave and put the wellies and raincoats on and just enjoy it as your kids probably will love going out whilst its raining and jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig.

Face painting

Peppa, Elephant & Tiger

Kids love face painting from an early age especially if you are brave enough to let them do your face too.

As you can see none of us are any good at it. Can you guess who’s Peppa, the Elephant and Tiger are?

Arts & Crafts

I love Home Bargains shops. I think they offer some of the best arts craft bits at great prices for the kids.

Jaxson really loves this craft box we picked up for £3.99. I added a few things we already had to it. It’s a great way to keep all those little things together.

Both boys enjoy the stamps and are easy to use for little ones. They were only £3 for loads.

Plus some plain cards with envelopes so they can make cards.

Learning with Mega Blocks

Jaxson no longer plays with Mega blocks so I found online a great way of using them for learning the alphabet and numbers.

It children to recognize and match up the letters and numbers. I was surprised how well Jaxson did doing this the first time with no help.

Dress up

What kid doesn’t love to play dress up? Even if it is a bit annoying that they keep changing their minds seconds after you spent 5 minutes trying to get it in one.

Build an inside fort

At the moment I wouldn’t call it an activity we all do together to make a fort. Well the boys think they are helping but they really don’t. But they love it once I have built the fort, which takes up some spare time that’s for sure.

The boys then go ahead and fill it up with as many toys as they can find. It’s lovely to watch as it is one activity they don’t end up argue whilst we are playing.