Weymouth 2019

Sand World

Normally on a Thursday in Weymouth we would go down to the market but to our surprise they are no longer doing the market due to the car park price went up. It’s such a shame to think that the market might not come back as it’s something Jason and his family would do every […]

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Bowleaze Cove & Chesil Beach

On our first day on holiday we took a short stroll down to Bowleaze Cove. Jaxson found a painted stone which he was really chuffed about and posted it on the local facebook site and we have now brought it home to re-hide somewhere local. Oh course when at the beach the only choice for […]

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Weymouth Bay

If being a parent isn’t stressful enough at home we go and “treat” ourselves to a family holiday to Weymouth Bay. We were in a place the kids didn’t know, with no entertainment in the caravan other than a few toys we brought with us and some TV and we wondered why this isn’t enough […]

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