Makeup Brush Cleaner

I got a makeup brush cleaner for my birthday from my sister and I absolutely can’t recommend it enough. It’s really fun to use and shocking how dirty the makeup brushes get. Although in the hands of a young boy it becomes a weapon to attack mummy’s hair! I started filming as Jax found it […]

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My makeup routine

Having kids and finding time to do your makeup in the morning is hard work. I have learnt to do mine quite basic and the routine takes me less than 5 minutes to do. I have sped up the video to make it a shorter watch. Go to my Beauty Page for some tips.

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Beauty Page

So I decided I would add a beauty page.Before having children I had been a beautician for 10 years and love it. Mainly the makeup and nails side of it rather than the back breaking massage side. And I still love it but finding the time to pamper yourself as a mum is hard but […]

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