Alphabet Dating

B is for …

Now onto letter B of Alphabet Dating with Oliver and I knew straight away I wanted to take him bowling and no surprise he loved it! He was so good a listening to my instructions and my god he has muscles. Oliver was able to pick the small bowling ball and lift it up, walk […]

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A is for ….

Today me and Oliver started our Alphabet Dating.We had been given a few ideas given as to what we could do for it. In the end I chose to head over to Lee On Solent, UK for some fun at the Arcade, which Oliver absolutely loved and was really good at helping me with the […]

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Alphabet dating

A few years back just before having Jaxson me and Jason started doing Alphabet Dating as we were getting out of the habit of dating since we had been together 9 years by that point. So we would go through the alphabet and go on a date doing something that began with that letter. After […]

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