As a mum on a budget you still want to look and feel good sometime, when you can be bothered right?

So here are some of my tips on how to treat your self when you have a moment. And other random beauty tips I have learnt along the way.

Gel Nails

For a decent set of Gel Nails in the UK your looking at around £25 with practice you can easily do this yourself.

Here is a list of the things you will need and estimated costs (depending how high en you want to go) of the product.

  1. LED lamp £50 or UV Lamp £30 (LED lamps last longer)
  2. Nail files £1
  3. Nail buffer £2
  4. Rubbing alcohol £4
  5. Lint free wipes £3
  6. Gel Base Coat £5
  7. Gel Top Coat £5 (although you might want to invest in a decent one and spend more money on your base and top coat as makes a massive difference to me)
  8. Gel Colour £5
  9. Pure Acetone for removal £2
  10. Kitchen foil for removal £2
  11. Cotton pads for removal £1
  12. Orange stick £1

So for roughly the price of one trip to the salon you can have the kit at home.

Removal of Gels

To remove your gels the best way to do this for you nails is using Pure acetone, cotton pads, kitchen foil and an orange stick.

Or if your a picker like me you probably won’t have much left on your nails come week 3.