Let me educate you on Acrylics…

Let me tell you about MMA – (methylmethacrylate)

MMA is a chemical liquid used to make some types of nail extensions. It is a poisonous substance and a high sensitiser. It is also a likely allergen which can cause severe allergic reactions even with minimal exposure.

MMA is not tested and certified for safe use in the Nail and Cosmetic Industry in The UK and you may therefore be running the risk of having your nails done in an uninsured establishment.

Did you know MMA is actually banned in many States in America. In the UK, very few reputable Professional Nail Studios and Salons will use this product. If you are unsure, please remember that you will usually smell it long before you see it!

In very simple terms, if you have MMA acrylic on your nails you are wearing dental veneers!

Most these places have signs saying ‘Cash only’? This covers them. It means you were never there, especially if something goes wrong.

The salons to avoid which use this material are the ones wearing a breathing mask.

Why they use MMA?
Plain and simple…ITS CHEAP…. No professional supplier will sell MMA as they couldn’t afford the liability risk if they were to be sued. Reputable and Professional Nail Salons do not use it as its poisonous and extremely bad for both their health and yours…. but its cheap!!!!

MMA enhancements rarely break on impact. Have you ever known false teeth to break? With a reasonable quality nail polish on top it can be difficult to see the damage being done until it’s too late – the damage is done UNDERNEATH the natural nail.

Nails with MMA are extremely difficult to remove. They are almost entirely insoluble in acetone and other solvents. Many commonly used acrylics made of MMA can take up to 2 hours to remove and will resemble sticky slimey chewing gum when in acetone.

EMA – the safe product used in all professional salons will usually dissolve on the nail plate and be easily removed in around 30 minutes leaving a healthy nail ready for a new set.

MMA – bad practice, bad nails, bad for your health – beware!!!