Can you mix gel brands?

What happens when you mix and use different brands of gel polish together?
Probably one of the most common question asked by nail techs.

Different brands of gel polishes can be used together and your nails will still look good. For example, you can use a Premier Gel Base Coat with an OPI Colored Gel Polish.

But for longer lasting and more durable nails I would recommend sticking within one system or with one brand of gel polish.

So if you use an Premier Gel Polish you should use an Premier Gel Top and Base Coat so that your manicure would last longer.

Here are some reason why you shouldn’t mix different brands of Gel Polishes for a manicure.

*Every brand would make their polishes to work effectively with their own products.

You see these brands tend to use a similar formula for each of their polishes and products. This allows their base coat and top coat to bond amazingly well with their colored gel polishes. And a stronger bond allows your manicure to be more durable and last longer.

*Most companies would do vigorously testing to ensure that their gel polishes make manicures that are of high quality. And when they do test their polishes they only use their own products.

So if you mix and match you are taking a bit of risk since there is no guarantee that your manicure would be as durable or long-lasting.

That’s why for most of my gel manicures I would stick within a specific brand.

*Also, it’s important to note that different brands of gel polishes would have different curing times. And if your polishes aren’t cured properly they would be prone to chipping and peeling.

So if you do use different brands you should read the instructions on how to apply for each brand since they won’t be the same.
I would also recommend looking for products that were designed to work with multiple brands of products.