Do not pick!

If you’ve ever had acrylics or gels done I’m sure you all have been sitting their watching TV one night contemplating your next move, and before you know it, you’ve become possessed and you just can’ stop.
Then you look at the result and your nails are ruined. But, perhaps if you knew the damage you were really causing you’d be more inclined to resist.

What are the signs that they need removing?
While gels and acrylics undoubtedly have a much longer lifespan than your standard mani, that’s not to say they are totally indestructible. Besides the obvious issue of grow-out, gels do eventually start to show signs of wear and tear, usually after a couple of weeks.
The first signs that they might need removing come in the form of lifting, chipping or regrowth. Everyone’s nails are different so, to prevent any of this happening, I advise reapplication after 2-3 weeks.


Remove your gel/acrylic nails at home without scuffing up your nails. What should you do when your manicure starts to lift?
This is where temptation really kicks in. Over time, the bond between your nail and the polish starts to break down, causing the gel/acrylic to lift away.  To help delay and prevent lifting you should keep them oiled daily and this will prevent the nails drying out and lifting away from the gel/acrylic too.

But what about when it inevitably does begin to lift? We hate to say, but you really do need to think about reapplying them, or else removing them entirely.

What happens if you can’t resist the peel?
If you’re the impatient type, it can be all too tempting to peel off the entire gel as soon as it starts to lift. Peeling off your acrylics or gels might feel good at the time, but as you peel it’s important to remember that you’re not just removing the acrylic/gel, you’re actually removing a layer of your nail. Naturally, this will weaken the nail and is generally where any gel-inflicted damage to the nails comes from – bad removal! And we’re afraid the news worsens. Once you have committed the ultimate mani crime, there’s little you can do to repair the damage. Your nails don’t repair themselves.  Eventually the damage will grow out but this can take up to 6 months.

How should gels and acrylics be removed?
Gel removal video below.

Acrylic removal video below.

For gels you can also buy some gel removal polish which is super easy to use.

You simply file the tops of the gel to break the seal, apply the remover and wait 5 Minutes then using an orange stick you push the product off.