Healthy mind, now let’s sort my body out.

F.Y.I Picture was taken before kids

It’s been just over a year since I lost a big part of my life, my dad. And although it still hurts I’m now in a much better place mentally. Don’t get me wrong I still have moments but no where near as bad as I was.

Last year I started a “year for me” to treat myself to things that are probably things some people have religously, like having your hair done every other month. I even tried out Russian Lashes and finished off with my new eyebrows (microblading).

I have decided that it shouldn’t just be a year and to carry this on to the following years to come as it helped me feel better in some way. This year though I’m going to tackle my weight issue and concetrate on stopping myself putting on more weight and start to recognise my body again.

I have put on over a stone since my dad died and although some people say I’m small and they can’t tell there has been a few questioning me if I am pregnant? Unfortunatly my weight tends to sit mainly on my belly. I have had to learn clothes hide alot if you wear the right size. Problem is I haven’t brought new clothes so I hid it by wearing the baggy stuff I have.

My downful is trying to find time to fit exercise in around the kids and work without losing out on too much chill out evening time with my husband. I’m going to start with a Pilates class on a Monday when the kids are at school and I have recently come across a mother and toddler circuits class in Whiteley which I attended today with Oliver and I am more unfit than I had realised!

Fingers crossed I stick to it and start see results.