Year: 2020

Healthy mind, now let’s sort my body out.

F.Y.I Picture was taken before kids It’s been just over a year since I lost a big part of my life, my dad. And although it still hurts I’m now in a much better place mentally. Don’t get me wrong I still have moments but no where near as bad as I was. Last year […]

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It’s coming up to the end of the year, The Year For Me and I’m finishing off with something which is very popular at the moment. For Christmas Jason and my mum gave me some money so I could have my brows micro-bladed. My god did I find it painful! I don’t have a high […]

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Final Choices

We have had a carpenter come and fit all new internal oak doors which look fantastic! He also did our skirting in the living room and kitchen. We are so closed to finishing the big jobs we are ignoring the bathroom at the moment though. That is going to be a quick bodge job for […]

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