Staying warm this winter

We decided quite early that we would need to replace the heating system as it was old and the radiators weren’t very efficient, you could also tell some had leaked in the past.
We managed to pick up some radiators from Wicks that were on offer as a company has gone bust. We got them for an amazing value.

Now to decide what boiler we were going to go with. We ended up going for the Worcester Bosch Combi boiler with Smart Thermostat Easy control. Jason’s Go Karting friend Ian did a fantastic job at installing the system for us.

Using our phones we can set each room to different temperatures making it comfortable for everyone especially at bedtime for the kids. Jaxson likes it to be a lot cooler than we would like it. Oliver’s room also seemed to struggle getting warm and it meant early morning wake ups because he was freezing. This morning with his new radiator installed he slept in till passed 7!? I hope this continues and it’s not just a coincidence.

During the removal of the flue from the old boiler we occurred a leak, we soon found out it was due to the lack of felt! A local roofing company (J & S Roofing) who helped fix the leak but it seems we now have another job added to our list of things to do. Replace all the felt and straightening of the roof! 🙀