What an amazing transformation, we couldn’t be happier with the result. We chose to have Blueberry White in the hall way and Atmosphere in the living room in Dulux Vinyl Matt.

There is still so much to do! We are having bi fold doors in the living room and we also have the floor and doors to do. Our list seems never ending!

Next step is the heating system ready in time for the winter weather, this will be done at the end of October. In the mean time we decided to put some blinds up in the conservatory to make it more private and like another room, toy room/ sitting room.

Jason spent the day putting the blinds and curtains up and it has instantly become much more homely. Although this picture is the only time the room was tidy, it became a bomb site for toys pretty much from the next day.

Now we have everything back in the living room we brought some chair covers and table cloth to match the new wall colours. They were a very good price and fit great. For the hall way we got some new up-down lights so suit the more modern style we are going for.