Oliver’s 2nd Birthday

How has our little man turned 2 already!?

Oliver has had a fab day, althought i’m not sure he knows it’s all because its his birthday.
Jaxson has been pretty good this year as understanding they’re Oliver presents, I think what helped was he helped me choose the presents and wrap them as well. He did say Oliver has to share his new toys with him when he opened each one.

The day started with the boys bashing balloons around the hall way, then Oliver opened his present from me and Jason. It was a Peppa pig Play ground set, which of course he loves because it is Peppa.

After Breakfast he opened his present from Jaxson. Oliver has an obsession with spiders, eeek! So Jaxson choose a spider that vibrates, making it seem like the spider is walking around. It took a while for Oliver to go near it or touch it but now it is his favorite toy. He even hides it im the bed covers to scare us.

We took the boys bowling as I have took Oliver before for Alphabet dating letter B and he loved it. Jaxson really got into the game as well, even attempting to throw the balls down instead of using the ramp.
We then went for a cheeky Mac Donalds, of course any excuse for a Maccy D’s.

We had a chilled afternoon at home, ate some monkey cake and went to the park. We let Oliver open his last present from the cats before bed as we got him a Peppa Pig Halloween book.

Overall Oliver had a fab day and we can’t wait for their joint birthday party in a few weeks time.