Big Birthday Party

Since Oliver and Jaxson’s birthdays are within a month of each other I thought I would do a joint birthday party instead of two.
Oliver has recently turned 2 and Jaxson will be 4 in November so we decided 26th October is our best weekend to go for.

We have been to The Sweet Pea Cafe in Fareham a few times and even been to a party there before and the boys love it so much, so how could I not have their Party there.

Jaxson said he wanted a “Spooky Halloween Party” so I got my sister to do her magic and make them a cake as she has always done the best cakes for us. The boys dressed up as a Vampire and skeleton which they loved, well until we got to the party then Jaxson only wore the trousers!

The boys loved they were at the role play cafe but more so because everywhere they turned their friends were there too. It was manic but such a fab afternoon. Thank you to everyone that could come and celebrate with us.

After the party we took the boys to Beauliue Moto Musuem so they can watch fireworks for the first time. We were nervous to see how they would react but they both were in ore of them. Oli saying “again, more” each time they stopped made us smile.

Next year we will definitely take them again somewhere more local, maybe Whiteley.