We have colour!

Poor Oliver has waited the longest to get his room done, but since the boys were at Nannies house and we had everything out of his room we decided to add some colour to his room and not leave it white like the rest of our bedrooms. So for waiting the longest he now has the most homely bedroom bless him.

We wasn’t sure if he would notice or even care but he seemed to love it, even ran off to find daddy to show him, like he didn’t know already. “Look, look daddy”

Jason has been hiding wires this week, he made holes in the walls and put them in and covered them up again, like they should have been done in the first place. Also he has changed the wires around so the switches make sense to what room lights you want to turn on.

yesterday I took the boys to Paultons Park whilst Jason tackled the shelving under the living room window, with a little help from the boys before we left he knocked out the old shelving.
Jason stripped it all back, taking out old insulation and replacing it when new insulation before making the wall level to rest of the living room, filled it with more insulation and finished it off with plaster boards ready to be plastered over another day.

Daddy’s little helpers