It’s finally here, Jaxson is going back to preschool and I have been longing for this day for a while. Two kids to look after everyday is definitely harder than one, no surprises there I guess.

We have had some good days out all together but also some stressful days when me and Jason want to get stuff done in the house and all they want to do is “help”. Bless them, they just want to get involved.

In the summer holidays Jaxson has started swimming lessons again and is doing great. He is so confident with the water, scares me a bit.

Oliver has started to talk loads now and has become less frustrating for us all to work out what he wants, which seems to be milk a lot of the time we realise.

This will be Jaxson’s last year at preschool before big school and I am now sad this day has come. Realisation has kicked in that he won’t be by my side all the time and I will miss him dearly. But at the same time maybe some of my sanity will come back now 🤪

I know Oliver will miss him to, already he asks me “where’s Jaxson, where’s Jaxson?”