Living Room

This week we have been concentrating on the living room and getting it ready to be plastered.
As you might of seen in my last post we removed the shelving under the window and boarded it up again, we also added in some insulation as well.

We had decided to board up the serving hatch which Jason did a great job at. Considering Jason hasn’t done anything like it before he had done a fab job. He used the skills he had learnt from my dad and also did a little bit of researched. My dads old circular saw has come in good use for us in this house for many of the tasks we have had to deal with.

British Gas also came and fit us a smart meter so now Jason can get obsessed with the energy usage in the house and the cost of things… great!
Seriously though its actually quite interesting and looks so smart.

Click here to get yours.

Not Living room related but we also had Solent Windows round to fit us a new back door and window for the kitchen. It looks amazing, we are so happy with the result. We had a random hole in the floor as well as the awful old wooden door and window frame and now it looks perfect. We will definitely be using them for the rest of the windows in the house.