All boxes have been emptied

Since Jason managed to board up a bit of the loft we could finally tackle the moving boxes in the garage and sorting the sheds. Finally I feel like we have moved in fully and a tiny bit more organized.
The boys really enjoyed making their own house out of the empty boys and decorated them with pictures.
The garage is such a good space we are hoping to eventually section the end off to make another bedroom, a better sized one for Oliver since his room at the moment is a bit small.

This week Jason took the old wires off the house and the dodgy wiring to the shed in the garden. I finished painting the front of the house this week and it looks great, it now matches the garage door Jason did a few weeks back. I realised doing this task that I am terrified of being up a ladder, especially with a pot full of paint, so Jason had to finish the top for me.

In our main bathroom there was a horrible smell so I thought it might be the random carpet that was in there, after removing it we could see the floor boards have rooted near the bath. Another job to add to our list now!

Ending on a positive note though, we had finally decided it was best to get rid of the brick fireplace and have now replaced it with a lovely modern Duplex Electric Fireplace. We had one of these in our first house and always regretted leaving it behind.