The Loft

This week Jason has spent some time securing our house with cameras. We had them on our old house and it was always the plan to put them on this one but since there has been an awful lot of robberies going on we decided to put them up asap.

The loft isn’t boarded so Jason has started laying down some boards so we have some storage space and can make a start on clearing the garage of Christmas, Halloween and other stuff.

Poor Jason had to deal with sweltering heat in the loft from the lovely weather we have been having lately, but he has done a fantastic job.

I have made a start on painting the wooden panels at the front of the house from a dark wood to white as an undercoat and eventually we think we will paint it gray along with the garage door and changing the front door too.

This week we also had our windows, Soffits, fascias and conservatory all cleaned by Steve at Castle Shine Window cleaners, go and follow their page. They are quick to respond and got us booked in the same week.

This week we also had another scary night with Jaxson, unfortunately our poor boy seems to suffer with Croup, every time he gets a cold and always happens at night. He struggles to stay calm which makes it worse and this time made him sick with panic as he struggles to breathe.
Nearly everyone on Jason’s side of the family has Asthma so I can’t help but think he might have it too, but they say it’s not linked. Luckily this time we didn’t end up at the hospital although the steroids he was given worked well they did take longer this time to work and pharmedics stayed with us for over two hours.

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