Our forever home

so we have finally made it and moved into our new house and we can not wait to get started on making it our home.

Wednesday was moving day and the removal men were a man down, but luckily for them Jason has itchy feet and helped them put the stuff into the van. I on the other hand was try to keep track of the boys, but with the front door open this was quite a task as Oliver kept making a break for it. Me and the kids ended up next door, raiding their house and taking up their day. Although they were blocked in by the the removal van anyway.

Annoyingly we had to wait around for ages for the keys to get released for our new house, in the end at 4pm we went into the estate agent to ask what was going on and we were told they have had the keys ready to be picked u since 2.30! We quickly got over it and headed to our new house to move our stuff in.

The boys loved it straight away going round and round in side and out side the house and because the house is a bungalow we no longer have to worry about stairs.

We have learnt that Jaxson is defiantly used to the finer things in life, he flat out refused the use the bathrooms as they were “too dirty, so disgusting, no no no I’m not using it, look at it!”

So from what Jaxson has said you can tell we have work to do on this place, but already with giving this place a good clean and having our stuff in the house its becoming more of like a home every day.

We have recently made a start on changing the light switches and curtain rails. Made an attempt at getting the wall paper off but soon gave up, we will need to get a steamer that’s for sure.

Jason of course had already mowed the lawn, although I’m surprised it has taken till day 3 to be honest. Like the house it will be a working process.

Today having our first BBQ here and having a well earned drink. We can’t wait to see this place change in front of our eyes, very exciting times.