Finally, some paint on the walls

This week we haven’t been up to much, busy with work and entertaining the kids and just having a bit of a break from it all to be honest, but this weekend we were back on it.

Saturday Jason concentrated on sorting out the living room privacy, as we have a big window which faces the road. He choose some lovely, big Venetian Blinds from B&Q and they go well with the curtains we put up on the Friday.

The wall paper in our bedroom has been giving us nightmares so instead of trying to finish Jaxson’s room first we had ago at ours. The wall paper came off surprisingly easy.

We are planning on having all the walls and ceilings plastered but for now a fresh few coats of white will do nicely.

Once the wall paper was off we filled in a few holes and cracks and sanded the walls (a very quick sanding) and Jason got on and started the painting.

Luckily today my sister came around and helped watch the kids for us so we could crack on with our room decorating.

We only had time to do a couple of quick coats on two walls. The other walls only had one coat, but still need edging but it has made a massive difference.

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Jason had a little helper in the morning before my sister arrived. Jax helped his daddy remove the fans lights, which were broken and generally not to our taste. In the conservatory Jason also removed the electric heater which the boys had figured out how to turn on.

This week we will be trying to finish off the paintin our bedroom. We will then get on with completing Jaxson’s room.

We are slowly getting there…