Feeling like a home

Already into week two of being at our new house and we are so comfortable here, it’s become our home, a home what needs a lot of work but it’s ours and we have our things which make it comfy.

This week we have started a few jobs but have failed to finish any, well that is apart from Jason’s project of networking the house.

The garden has been hit hard with cutting back the black berry bush which seems to have spread everywhere! Every now and again I go out and have a go at it. This weekend my sister and mum came over and helped too.

3.25 people take on the garden and still can’t see a difference.

We picked up some Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Primer Sealer Paint which we naively picked up a small pot and was just about able to do two radiators and a coat on the garage door, so definitely need to pick up a large pot next time to finish the garage and the wooden panels on the front of the house. After we having finished priming the garage and wooden front we will covering it with a gray which will match the new front door we have chosen.

We also had our kitchen designed for us which we are super excited about and can’t wait for it to be installed, as this is not a job we want to do ourselves. We were worried we will mess it up and the kitchen is something we want perfect.

To keep costs down I thought I would check how easy it is to remove the tiles so we don’t have to pay for someone to do that for us too. Luckily most of the tiles come off really easily, but it makes so much mess I had to stop. This will be a job for when the boys aren’t here, along with wall paper stripping which we had to stop doing too.

We have been doing a lot of cleaning and sorting this week to freshen the place up more. Also the dreaded long process of changing our address on everything.