Weymouth Bay

If being a parent isn’t stressful enough at home we go and “treat” ourselves to a family holiday to Weymouth Bay.

We were in a place the kids didn’t know, with no entertainment in the caravan other than a few toys we brought with us and some TV and we wondered why this isn’t enough for the kids!

Ok, ok I had a bad morning when I started to right this. Now in the comfort of our own home again we reflect back and it wasn’t all stressful like this. We have had a great time exploring the area and seeing what the site has to offer. And if anyone else has been here before you will agree with me that this Haven holiday park is one of the best.

Weymouth Bay have a nice pool and like us most people only wanted to go swimming to use the lazy river.

The kids loved the parks they had especially the main on with the sand they can play in. It was right near the bar and restaurant so the parents can grab a drink and watch the kids play.

Oliver’s all time favorite thing to do on holiday was to spend money in the arcade. He was actually pretty good at the 2p machines and even won a toy. Jaxson on the other hand was more attracted to the bigger, more expensive games.

We have made some great memories of the kids going to the night time entertainment and watching them dance around and enjoy the shows. The entertainment team have so much energy I was exhausted watching them!

This year Jaxson was able to join in on some of the onsite activities. He really enjoyed himself learning mini archery and fencing. Oli even joined in a bit which was so cute to watch him along side his big brother. They got taught how to use the bow and mini arrows and had to shot a picture and aim for holes. They listened more than I thought they would to the guy teaching them about fencing. Although Jax did get carried away at one point attacking the teacher.

The last night me and Jason got a night to ourselves to relax and have some lovely food and drinks whilst the boys had a sleep over in nanny’s “camper van”.

Overall we had a fab break and love going to Weymouth every year and we are already planning our next stay.