Second Full day

Our Sunday started off with a revolution at breakfast for the boys, chocolate spread on toast! Which was followed with a run around the hotel gardens playing hide and seek.

We decided to take a bus to the Jersey War Tunnels, which so interesting, although I do strongly advice not to take young children as they learnt quickly that the tunnels echo and they annoyed alot of people .🙄

We learnt about when the second world war come to Jersey and the Germans got the locals to dig the tunnels for them to stay. It shows you the hospital and how it would have been set up.

Also got to see what their clothes and shoes were like and about the rassion books they got.

I learnt that Jersey was left to defend themselves as the British Navy over ruled Churchill’s orders to keep help Jersey.

We got given passports of people and at the end you look for them on the boards to see what happened to them. My lady was prosecuted for hiding Jews in her home for two years.