Preschool sports day

Today is Jaxson’s first preschool sports day and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! Watching all the little 3/4 year olds giving it their all.

My boy did so well, way better than I thought he would do considering how lazy he can be. His hopping though was cuteness overload and I think we need to practice that some more.

Will be interesting to see how he will do in comparison over another year of being at preschool for the next sports day.

There was also a raffle with some great prizes to win. My mum won an hour’s hypnotherapy and Jason won a baking mix. I might see if my mum will let me have the hypnotherapy 😜

Jaxson didn’t think much of the sing from all the other kids at the end of sports day hehe. But believe me it was super cute and well sung. Everyone done so well.