Our last weekend in this house.

We moved into our house as a family of 3 over 3 years ago and it was the best idea we (my husband) has made, But now we have out grown our house as a now family of 4 and found a lovely project home with a massive garden less than 5 minutes away. The only thing that was stopping us was our amazing neighbors, and what type of people will we be moving next door to! But the house just blew us away and we are so excited to make it our own. Our Forever Home.

So we really should be packing but Saturday was our nephews 4th birthday so we are meeting the family at Paulton Park for the morning. The kids always love to go there and enjoy seeing their cousins.

We also always grab a sausage roll they are delicious and you must try one if you go. Dare I say they are even better then Greg’s.

We have so much packing left to do but it’s way too hot and the kids just get in the way so we either give up or some days don’t even get started on a room. I’m sure we will still be packing when the removal men arrive in a few days time.

Sunday morning we managed to get the garage done before I had to head off to my friends baby shower. Today and tomorrow Jason is back at work so I will have to try and get the living room, kitchen and little bits left in bathroom and our bedroom done and all have accieved so far is buying some pipe blockers and champagne, Ekk!