In 2006 I qualified as a beautician and worked many years for a few  different salons and spas, even doing a bit of self employment work. But in 2015 when I started maternity leave I decided to give beauty career a rest and only offered my services to friends and family. Mostly doing the odd waxing, tinting and gels but I hadn’t done a massage in years, probably not long after having Jaxson but today I set Jaxson room up with my couch to help a friend out to relax her muscles.

It was like riding a bike to be honest although I can tell I’m definitely not as fit as I used to be and nor are my thumbs. Need to start lifting weights with my thumbs to strengthen them 😂

I originally chose not to go back to beauty as I wanted a change and liked a less responsible job so stresses and worries were only about family and home but it has made me think that when Oliver starts Preschool next September (2020) I can open up some time slots for going back to Beauty by Alex, Ladies only at home salon, that can work round them being at preschool and Infants.