Last day in Jersey

My poor sister was bed bound so on our way to the pharmacy we found a beautiful rose garden which Jaxson loved going round smelling them all. When we got back we decided to sun it by the pool for our last day.

The pool has an indoor waterside for the older kids and parents and two mini slides for the little ones. The indoor pool leads out towards the outside pool which is absolute bliss in the sunshine.

Plenty of chairs to sit on so those towel saving people can relax. 🙄 There is also a wave rider which you can book on to use if your brave enough. Unfortunately the boys were too young. They tend to go by height, if your taller then the body board you can have a go. Maybe next year for Jaxson.

We had one last lunch at the bar before heading back to the airport for our short flight home.

I would definitely come back to this hotel again, it’s been fab and great location. Would recommend to anyone with or without children, young or old.