Jersey weekend

This weekend my mum has treated me and the boys along with my middle sister to a lovely weekend break away to Jersey, staying at the Merton Hotel. It’s a place my mum had enjoyed going to with my dad and with my Nan and wanted to take us for a little treat.

As usual I left things a bit last minute and didn’t start packing till the morning of the flight! Of course I found this way more stressful then I had thought it would be.

My neighbor did give me a fab idea of using large sandwich bags to put a days worth of clothes/nappies in for each day for them. This worked really well as my sister or my mum could help with getting them ready in the morning just by grabbing a bag with their name on.

My friend convinced me everything will be fine and that worse case scenario I can always pick up clothes, nappies etc if I have forgotten anything. So I joined her at a soft play so I could relax whilst Jaxson was playing. Which she was right and helped calm me down.

I am now on the plane excited for his mini break. I’m sitting with Jaxson who won’t stop eating and touching everything! Whilst my mum and sister entertain Oliver. I’m pretty sure Jax has eat more on this 25 minute flight than he would normally eat all day!

I will be posting what we get up to each day and I am hopeful that it will be a chilled out trip and with making lots of lovely new memory’s with my kids.