Bowleaze Cove & Chesil Beach

On our first day on holiday we took a short stroll down to Bowleaze Cove. Jaxson found a painted stone which he was really chuffed about and posted it on the local facebook site and we have now brought it home to re-hide somewhere local.

Oh course when at the beach the only choice for lunch is to grab some chips and sit on the beach.

The last few weeks we have learnt the boys absolutely love the beach and playing in the water as well as throwing stones.

We couldn’t come all this way to Weymouth without Jason having ago at fishing. So Tuesday afternoon we went to Chesil Beach. If you have been there before you will understand my struggle getting the two boys up the stony hill to get to the sea.

Although we didn’t catch anything it was good fun. Jax loved getting involved and having a little go, even I had a go. Oliver got to throw some stones into the sea, which is his new favorite thing to do and we even found a jelly fish.