Big Boy Bed

Before going on holiday Oliver learnt to climb out of his cot bed, even on the lowest setting so we knew we were in trouble on holiday with his travel cot.

I’m going to have to learn to get more of a stern tone as he wasn’t listening to me at bed time so Jason had to tell him how it was most nights.

Now we are home we have decided to keep Oliver safe and not to hurt himself climbing out we have changed his cot bed into a big boy bed. That’s makes me a little sad I’m losing my baby too quickly and worried about the stressful nights ahead.

He was 21 months old this month’s. Jaxson was even younger when he was moved into a big boy bed due to hating his cot bed. How old were your little ones?

Oliver’s first night was amazing he went down no problems, until Jaxson woke him up because he didn’t want to go to bed! It then took us nearly 2 hours of getting him to stay in bed and lay down before he gave up with a bottle of milk.

Second night was harder, we think it’s because he had a nap during the day. It took just under 2 hours and 2 1/2 bottles of milk. But once he was a sleep he was fine. Jaxson also had a nap so he took even longer to go to bed. Conclusion is No Naps! Which is hard when both fall asleep as soon as they get in a car.

Night 3 and we are winning, no nap and Oliver is down for bed in less than 5 minutes. And Jaxson only took me 20 minutes which mostly was reading books. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow without a naps.

OK, I think we have got this! Night 4 and no naps again and Oliver went to be bed at 6 and slept 12 hours. Jaxson went to bed at 7.30pm and woke up just gone passed 7 am.

No Naps is our way forward.