2nd week of our holiday

At the begining of the week we took the boys to whiteley Shopping Center to see the dinosaurs scattered around. There was also sandpits which are supposed to have bones in to find, but we didn’t find any, although we did enjoy making sand castles.

There was also a pop up shop which the boys coloured in pictures of some dinosaurs and even got to do a dinosaur hunt for sweeties.

Jax and I met up with our friends one morning for a cinema date to go watch Toy Story 4 and it was such a good film. We love all the Toy Story films and this one didn’t fail to amuse us.

Forky was so funny! There was one scene where Woody and Forky are walking together and the conversation reminded me of how the conversations go between myself and Jaxson. The film also explains why Bo-peep wasn’t in the 3rd film, which always confused me.

One day this week we met my mum at Lee on Solent for a beach day. I do love going there it has everything we want from a beach, arcades, play park, café and now it has a little splash park.

The splash park was ‘a bit’ busy for Oliver, he wasn’t too sure about it. We forgot it was the first day the kids were off school for the summer. We had a nice time even without the splash park, although I will take them back there when the kids are back at school on a sunny day.

The sea has warmed up nicely now, but suprisingly the boys didn’t go in the water much, but they did enjoy making stone castles (as there is no sand) and collecting “only the black, round stones” instead.
We then had some chips and ice cream from the café and a quick play in the arcade before heading home.

Me and the boys had a very nice trip to Fareham with my neighbor and her son, although I nearly lost them as forgot what shop she was going in to and left my bag and phone with her. Im such a numpty sometimes!

We also visited Sweet Pea Cafe (role play center) whilst we were there and had the place to our selves, it was fab!

Jax and I spent one morning with my friends from work and their kids/niece and nephew down at Southsea beach. We also went into a nearby cafe called Tenth Hole and had some cake.

It was so hard to choose which cake to have as they all looked so delicious and they were massive! Jaxson couldn’t even eat it all…