Year for me!

Like many mum’s I find I neglect myself a lot and your only thinking of the kids needs and wants but for my 2019 new years resolution I decided to make more time for me and to make myself feel good.

So my ‘year for me’ started!

I now make more of an effort to wear makeup , even if that means the boys messing up my things, wanting to get involved I try and stay calm and say ‘it’s only makeup’ over and over as I do it.

I have also started to get one of my closest friends to colour and cut my hair for me as I haven’t had my hair professionaly done in years, I think even before Jaxson! Becky does a fantastic job. Not once had I gone home and got a compliment from Jason when I used to get my hair done so I know she does a good job as even he now comment’s on how good it looks. Becky runs her hairdressing business from home in Sarisbury Green and is also available for weddings and proms.

Check out Rebecca Storr Hair on Facebook to see what she has to offer for you.

A few months back now I had the opportunity to get my lashes done by a lovely girl from Eastleigh. Which reminds me I want to book in with her again for my holiday. I had Russian Lashes done and they lasted me a very long time. I was worried as I am a eye rubber but I loved them so much I resisted the urge to keep them going strong. Kasey is very professional and was so thorough at putting the lashes on. She made sure I was comfortable throughout the treatment as it is a long time to lay down with your eyes shut. I loved it, even feel asleep a few time and jumped scaring poor Kasey.

Take a look at Beauty By Kasey‘s Facebook site as she has more than Lashes to offer.

I need to find some more ways to make me feel good. After seeing a picture my sister posted of me on Facebook looking pregnant I might treat my body to some
healthy eating and drinking for a change!