Sweet Pea Role Play Cafe

In Fareham, UK is a really cute Role Play Cafe called Sweet Peas Play Cafe which I have taken the boys twice to now. The place is run by a lovely lady and has become a very popular place for the locals, especially on a rainy day. I recommend you get there early at opening time to get a table and also to put any food orders in around 10.30/11am as food can take a little while to be prepared as they get so busy but there are not many staff. Its one place I feel I can take a seat and have a hot drink HOT!

My kids love it there and I don’t have to intervene much at all. The kids all seem to play so nicely together as they work as builders making a house or take their baby shopping around the super market and even become little doctors. It’s so cute and the best thing is the fair prices.

It costs me for two children £6 and they can play for as long as they like.
I like to make a day of it by turning up as close to 9.30am as possible. We claim a table after paying and whilst the kids run off to become hair dressers I order a hot chocolate. An hour or so later I order lunch from the menu. I buy the platter and add on chips for the boys to share and when the boys come find me for food I can say “It’s here!”. After lunch we play few table games that they have on the shelves. Jax loves Mouse Trap! Then they go off and play again before we head home.

It’s defiantly worth a visit if you are in the area. They even offer Party’s and Twin Tuesdays.