Pickwell Farm

Today we went to Pickwell Farm in Hamble, UK. We have been here before around Halloween time as they grow some big pumpkins and the boys enjoyed picking their own from the farm.

Now it’s June their strawberries are ready for harvesting so we thought we would treat the boys to some strawberry picking.

Jaxson doesn’t normally entertain fruit at all but because he had fun running around and trying to find the biggest and reddest strawberries he actually ate a few of them. Now we are home of course he doesn’t want them as “Fruit’s disgusting”.

All you have to do is pick the size of containers you want and start picking. The price is based on weight which was £1.80 per lb so for our two containers it only cost me £3.25.

Strawberries and pumpkins arn’t the only things the farm has to offer either. Depending on the season they have many pick your own vegetables and fruit. There is also a shop which is well priced too. We picked up two big bananas for 55p and just because Jaxson needed the biggest onion we have ever seen we got that for 50p.

Check out Pickwell Farm webpage to see what they have to offer.