Kids and Tech

It’s unbelievable how quick kids can learn how to use phones, tablets and computers. We aren’t the sort of parents that say “my kids won’t be allowed to watch TV” we are the opposite and allow our kids to use computer etc as it is the way of life these days, for work and even schools now. Jaxson has recently taken a keen interest in the Pc.

Tablets do have some get kids learning games as well. The Cbeebies and the Peppa Pig Paint apps are some of our favourites.
If you go to Common Sense Media you will find reviews about age-appropriate apps and games.
You can even put movies and their favourite TV shows on them to help keep them calm whilst on long holiday journeys.

TV, if I can get them to sit and watch it can really help me calm the boys down and sit still before getting them ready for bed.

One of my all time favorites to do with the boys is the funny selfies using snap chat. I go on it once a week just to see what new ones they have added.

Don’t get me wrong I do believe in setting limits. I don’t want it to displace important activities such as face-to-face interaction, family-time, outdoor-play and exercise.