Father’s Day BBQ

I hadn’t really thought about that this will be my first father’s Day without my dad until this morning and I can honestly say I’m o.k. If anything I feel from now on Father’s day will be an important day for Jason. Making it a day to teach the boys to really show how much they love and respect their dad. Obviously they should anyway but especially on this day.

Before this particular Father’s day I had never really got much involved with these kinds of events as seemed a waste to me but since losing my dad I feel differently about it all. At the end of the day you will only be giving so many Father’s days in your life so why not go along with these events and get involved to the fullest.

So yesterday since we were all together we had a lovely BBQ in the garden, in the rain with Jason’s parents. The boys loved giving them their presents and seeing them open them. Moments like that is what makes me happy.

I hope you are all having a fab father’s Day too. Today we will be taking daddy ice skating.