D-Day 75

Yesterday I thought I would treat the boys to a train ride to Southsea/Portsmouth to join in with the D-Day event.

I thought if we go from Fareham station is will be easier as they have a lift to get to the other platforms not like at Locks Heath which is a pain with two kids and pram. But when I got there is seems it was alot of others peoples choice of station too as I had no where to park!! Fortunately my mother in law was there to help and sweet talked the station man to allow us to park in the bay for mini cars only. Phew!

The train journey was “fun” the boys were very excited and wouldn’t sit still. Luckily it wasn’t busy.

When we got there we hadn’t realised it was a 25 minute walk to the common but Jax did ok with the walk although we did think even though we are following the signs are we going the wrong way as everyone seemed to walking in the opposite direct. When we got there it wasn’t as busy as we thought it would be considering the Queen and Trump were there. we then found out unfortunately we got the times all wrong and didn’t see any planes! The Royals and Trump had already left. Well that explains why everyone was waling in the other direction.

Although we miss the main event I must say the fair that they put on was great fun and Jax got quite excited with amount of police men that were about and not doubt if we had seen the planes Jax and Oliver probably wouldn’t have been bothered anyway.

British Legion Website can tell you more about what D-Day is.