Me and Jason have been married for 8 year on June 25th and to celebrate we managed to get the kids looked after so we headed down to Bournemouth Friday night.

The Royal Bath hotel is the first hotel you see at the beach front, it’s huge and so grand looking so we decided we would stay there. Although it’s meant to be 4 star we would put it more as 3. It seems they have spend money so the first impression is good but I can’t say the same about the room we had in the West Wing. Also they should make it more clear when booking and checking in if it includes use of facilities. As alot of people thought that it was included but it actually wasn’t and for £5 extra per person I don’t see why it wasn’t just added onto the booking in the first place.

But if you get pass the room and decor the hotel was priced well for location, which was fantastic, so close to the beach and town. We also added on buffet breakfast which was only £5 per person.

After we checked in we took a short stroll down to the beach and had drinks at Hot Rocks outside looking at a beautiful beach. We then got dressed ready for dinner and drinks at The Brewhouse & Kitchen.

We reserved a beach hut to enjoy our feast of a dinner. The pork belly starter was delicious and Jason said their home brewed beer was very good, smooth.

We ended the night in good old weatherspoons. As always cheap and cheerful and we had quite the entertainment of the young ones getting drunk and talking rubbish. Then of course what night doesn’t finish with a trip to the casino?

Grosvenor Casino Bournemouth

Over all we had a fab time but I must say though I’m really not used to drinking anymore!