Catch up post.


This week was meant to start with a picture of us sun bathing in sunny Portugal on a long awaited holiday. But Oliver being Oliver had to go and get himself Hand Foot & Mouth a few days ago!

So instead we are having a fun week at home.It starts off with Jason is fishing…

Baby Shark Do Do Do Do Do

Me and the boys went and met up with my mum at the toy shop.

I now know what I want for next Christmas.

Oliver’s blisters have now scabbed over so he is happy to not be restricted anymore.

Then we went on our monthly Costco trip which consists of eating the free samples and letting the boys play with the toys. They loved this play house.

Peppa Pig world!We have an annual pass and it’s well worth the money!

And that brings us to tonight. When we decided to have a go a blogging…Come back and visit to see what tomorrow brings!